Mesh & Loose Cobblestones for Driveways & Pathways

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Split Loose Cobblestones for Driveways and Pathways

About Cobblestones

Looking for that naturally timeless, old-world look? Look no further. Cobblestone pavers are here to save the day! Cobblestone pavers are a fun and sensible choice for garden paths and driveways and they look fantastic as general landscaping features.

The word “cobblestone” comes from an old English word that means “pebbles in a riverbed”. These rounded stones, worn smooth by the river’s current, became an ideal material for surfacing roads thousands of years ago. These tough stones kept dirt roads from washing away in heavy rain, provided traction in deep snow and kept horses’ hooves from sinking into the mud during a spring thaw.

From a historical perspective, if you look at cities like Pompeii or Rome, which are all lined with granite cobblestones, you will understand why it is such a popular choice. Cobblestones are so durable that they don’t last decades or centuries, millenia! Their versatile and enduring nature is an ideal stone of choice for all climates and can beautify any space with a timelessness that will last generations to come.

At Armstone, we have a wide range of cobblestone pavers in granite, quartz, limestone and basalt. These are both beautiful and practical.

Though they are relatively small, our cobblestone driveway pavers have a  high compressive strength rating making them incredibly tough and durable. This means that they are strong enough to support the weight and constant vibration of vehicles entering and exiting the driveway. Their dark colour and textured finish also helps mask stains, tyre marks and oil leaks, making our cobblestones ideal for use in high-traffic areas. Their size and slip-resistant surface also makes them ideal for curved designs and steep or sloped areas.

To make them easy and cost-effective to install, Armstone’s range of outdoor cobblestones are supplied with a mesh backing. The main patterns include Chicago, Herringbone, Brick and Straight. Our collection also boasts matching pavers, tiles, stepping stones and step treads. Combining some of these products will help you create a beautiful continuity around your property. Our range of cobblestone pavers also have hand-split rough edges, highlighting their warm and welcoming European look.

Armstone’s cobblestone paver line highlights our commitment to supplying you with world-class quality products and top of the range aesthetics. Cobblestones are only one of our many paving and tiling options. Our  collection also includes stone paversporcelain paverspool tilesstepping stones, stone tiles and more. We also stock indoor options such as indoor porcelain tiles and additional home beautification products that are suitable for indoor and outdoor areas.

With an unparalleled focus on quality, aesthetics and safety, Armstone is NSW’s most trusted provider of outdoor and indoor flooring, tiling and capping products. To experience our wide selection of products in a real-world setting, we invite you to visit our stunning display home in Glebe, Sydney. To find out more, contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why build with cobblestones?

Cobblestones are one of the most versatile and resilient building stones. They are known to last not just decades or centuries, but millennia! Cobblestones are also visually pleasing and capable of taking on incredibly heavy loads. This makes them perfect for any walkway or driveway area.

Where are cobblestones used?

Cobblestones are mostly used on driveways or pedestrian paths. Otherwise, you can use them as a feature path in your front or backyard.

What colour are cobblestones?

Cobblestones come in a range of different colours and materials. The best way to find out which colour will suit your next project is to get in touch with an expert at Armstone today.

What kind of rock are cobblestones made from?

Cobblestones are generally made from durable stones like granite, bluestone/basalt, quartz, porphyry and many others. Available as loose pieces or on a meshed backing. If you would like some help, contact one of our experts at Armstone for more information and advice.

Where can I buy cobblestones?

Any trusted stone supplier would stock cobblestones. At Armstone, we have a wonderful range of cobblestone pavers in granite, quartz, limestone and basalt. We have supplied customers with quality products for over 10 years. We would love to help you too. Need a quote or expert advice? Contact us today for a chat.

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