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About Stone Z Panel Cladding

Natural stone wall panels can help you add some ‘pizzazz’ and character to an otherwise dull wall. If you are looking to create a wall that resembles an authentic stonemason’s drywall, our premium stone panels are definitely worth your consideration.

Stone wall panels are perfect for indoor or outdoor usage for your home or commercial property. We have seen them installed as feature walls, retaining walls and columns as well as decoration around fireplaces and bathrooms. Alternatively, they are an ideal solution for any substrate wall where you want to add extra stonework without spending the time or money to glue individual pieces of stone.

Below you can browse Armstone’s range of strong, durable, and enchanting natural  stone wall panels. These ready-to-use panels, made of individual pieces of stone joined together, are suitable for internal and external use. Due to the way they have been stacked, each ledge stone has a unique and irregular surface texture that will add natural depth and shading to the wall. Once assembled, they will look so real that nobody will ever know that these are simply stone panels.

Our natural stone wall panels are available in quartz, granite and limestone. Depending on the design and aesthetics of your home, we also offer each of those stones in a variety of natural colours that will really emphasise that genuine stone wall look.

Our natural stone panels are available in convenient sizes for quick and efficient installation. You can choose between 600mm by 150mm or 600mm by 200mm. So that it’s easier to glue the panel onto the suitable substrate, the back of each stone panel is made from reinforced cement.

Armstone stone panels are also available in two shapes: the popular Z shape allowing for easy joining between panels and the L-shaped interlocking corner pieces and capping products.

When installing natural stone panels, we recommend checking that the substrate will be able to handle the weight of the natural stone. For instance, plaster walls are not an ideal substrate material for natural stones because they’re too weak for the additional weight. Also, be mindful of the stone’s exposure to water. If you are installing the panels near a pool, be sure to invest in a dense stone otherwise the stone will deteriorate and cost you more in maintenance and refurbishment.

If you would like any help selecting the best natural stone panels, please reach out to us over email or call us on 1300 560 560. One of our experts will guide you through the products and answer any questions.

If you want to browse our selection, click on each image for more details or visit our showroom in Glebe, Sydney to see the products in a real life setting, or to chat to us in person.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Stone Panel Cladding? 

Stone Panel Cladding, also known as Ledgestone Panelling, is the process of creating a unique looking feature wall made of natural stone panels that will compliment your home’s interior or exterior. Armstone has a wide range of colours and styles including Dusky Granite, Mica Quartz and Limestone, each of which aim to replicate an authentic stonemason’s drywall. Our collection is quick and easy to install and will be a perfect new feature space in your home. For more information, or to find out which style may best suit your home, chat with one of our experts in Sydney by calling 1300 560 560!

How Is Stone Cladding Done?

We aim to supply stone panel cladding that is simple and easy to install in your home. As such, our stone panels are cut to two sizes: 600mm by 150mm or 600mm by 200mm. Choosing the right size depends on the wall space you will be adorning and we have found that these sizes also remove the risk of individual pieces coming unstuck or damaged. To learn more about our sizing and interlocking guides, or to find a style that suits your home, reach out to us online here or visit our Sydney showroom in Glebe for ideas and inspiration.

How To Clean Natural Stone Cladding? 

Cleaning stone cladding is similar to cleaning the stones as though they are natural stone pavers. At Armstone we only use the finest quality quartz, granite and limestone so despite the fact they are mounted on a panel, they need to be cleaned like natural stones. While we have a wide selection of cleaning products available online, we find that soap and warm water (though simple) still works the best. If you have any reservations or questions about cleaning your natural stone cladding, please reach out to us at 1300 560 560. It’s better to ask than to damage or repair the stone and we’re always happy to help.

Where to buy Natural Stone Panels? 

Natural stone panel cladding is available at any good stone supplier. At Armstone, we source our products from the best manufacturers in the world. We stock a wide range of premium quality Granite, Quartz and Limestone panels. If you’re looking for natural stone panels, browse our collection online, call our team of experts at 1300 560 560 or visit our real-to-life showroom in Glebe, Sydney. We would love to help bring your dream project to life.

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