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Tile and Paving Adhesives and Additives from Ardex and Mapei

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About Adhesives and Additives

Trust Armstone to provide quality adhesives and additives that you need to put the finishing touches to your tiling, ensuring its durability and quality, and allowing your tiles’ natural beauty to shine through

Ardex X18 tile adhesive’s unique formula contains fibres that strengthen the bond with your tiles and is suitable for internal and external use, including swimming pools.

To complement the range of Ardex cement-based adhesives, use Ardex E 90. This admix produces a flexible, water-resistant and highly adhesive solution, ideal for sites that experience movement, for example, external tiling and tiling on heated subfloors.

Versatile and achieving long-lasting results, Ardex CA20P is a multipurpose adhesive and sealant suitable for minor repairs and sealing joints. Suitable for use on plastic, metal, glass, ceramics and wood, it has a low VOC content and can even be painted over!

If your project involves large natural stone or porcelain tiles, Mapei Keraflex Maxi S1 is the perfect solution. This high-performance adhesive performs with no vertical slip and with increased open time, ideal for laying large tiles.

The Mapei Granirapid Kit produces a fast-setting tile adhesive ideal for ceramic and stone tiles. Its fast-setting solution means that tiles will tolerate light use after only three hours, and will be completely dry after 24 hours.

Mapei Isolastic 50 is a latex additive to enhance the flexibility and performance of cement-based adhesives. Can be used with Kerabond and Kerafloor for this purpose.

Mapei Kerabond Plus has high-performance bonding qualities, and is ideal for all varieties of tile and stone. Can be used with Isolastic 50 to enhance its qualities.

To improve flexibility on timber floors, use RLA Uniflex tile additive in the grout, or with cement-based adhesives in swimming pools. This versatile additive can also be mixed with cement and sand renders for strength and flexibility.

Just 2 Ezy is your go-to tile adhesive for large tiles and will bond with ceramic, mosaic and stone tiles onto a range of materials. It works with most waterproofing membranes and is perfect for spas and swimming pools.

If you need supreme bonding strength, reach for Mapei Planicrete SP. This latex additive for mortar and cement-based adhesives will help counteract vibrations, shocks and freeze-thaw cycles.

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