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At Armstone we’re on a mission to create a difference by helping you build a beautiful home with exquisite outdoors that bring you joy and match your lifestyle needs.

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You can view our boutique line of natural stone pavers and porcelain pavers, wall cladding, cobblestones, wall capping, pool tiles, pool coping, stone treads, garden pebbles, stepping stones, pedestals, accessories, cleaning/maintenance products and much more, at our Glebe showroom.

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Whether you’re an everyday homeowner, experienced renovator, builder, or tradesman, we do more than just supply natural stone pavers:

We pride ourselves on listening to your unique needs and sharing industry best practices to help you find the most suitable, ethical, and tailored solution for your home project.

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All the latest tips and advice from the Armstone team.

Feb 2022

Cobblestones For Driveways and Landscaping

Cobblestone pavers have a way of taking you back in time, to old European cities where horses and carts ventured…

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Dec 2021

Ultimate Guide for Crazy Paving and Flagstones

Stone Crazy Paving (also known as Flagstones) is a type of natural stone paving that originated in Ancient Rome, where…

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Sep 2021

Why is it important that your trusted stone supplier works closely with an installer

So, you’re about to embark on the exciting adventure of renovating your home or building a new one. Firstly, congratulations!…

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Aug 2021

Swimming Safety Checklist for Your Kid-Friendly Pool

The heat is rising and summer is around the corner. Which means pool season is almost open and if you’d…

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Apr 2021

Top 6 Reasons to Choose Marble Tiles for Your Living Room

Like all renovations, retiling your living room floor is a big undertaking, both financially and in terms of the disruption,…

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Apr 2021

6 Best Stone Pavers To Update Your Home

If you’re renovating the exterior of your home and researching paver stone styles, you’ll find the choices on the market…

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All the latest video content from Arman and the team.

What is the Best way to Install Free Form Stone Cladding by Armstone

Stone cladding walls are a thing of true beauty and when done right they create a powerful statement about who you are, your taste and your success.

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5 Tips on How to Choose Pool Pavers & Pool Coping – by Armstone

Always make sure you pool side pavers are salt tested, you want to do your best to ensure longevity as dressing your pool is clearly an investment that you should protect as much as possible.

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6 Things you Should know when using Bluestone Pavers Outdoors

Bluestone a form of basalt, is a superb choice for the outdoor entertainer, Bluestone bears a sophistication that’s hard to match. With its mixes of earthy blues and grey charcoals, Bluestone lends its contemporary elegance to the outdoor environment.

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Travertine Pavers FAQ

Travertine pavers are a popular choice amongst home owners and alike – they have a very appealing natural appearance and are a reasonably priced natural stone that still adds tremendous value and aesthetic appeal to your space.

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Porcelain pavers vs Stone pavers

When you’re designing your outdoor landscape, there are two great options for solid, beautiful and functional paving – these are, Natural Stone pavers and Structural Porcelain pavers.

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Limestone Pavers: Things to know about Limestone Pavers

There is nothing as unique as limestone. If you are searching for an exclusive option in terms of paving your outdoor fixtures, then it is a good choice to go with limestone pavers.

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Importance of Stone Supplier working closely with installer

If you want your renovation to be a quality build, with excellent tradesmanship and quality products, watch this video until the end so that you understand why it’s important to hire an Independent professional installer and a trusted credible stone supplier.

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What is Crazy Paving and How to properly install them

In today's video, we learn everything about crazy paving and flagstones, from their origins, where they are used and how to properly install them.

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