Tile and Paving Silicones from Ardex and Mapei

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About Silicons

A good quality tile silicone will finish off your tiling project, ensuring its durability and keeping water out.

Tile silicone creates a water-resistant barrier that seals any small gaps around your tiles. This is essential to ensure that water does not seep behind your tiles, which can give rise to dampness and mould, as well as damaging your tile adhesive. If your tiles then work loose and even fall off entirely, you will be faced with the expense and inconvenience of either repairing the damage or starting your project over.

Remember that you can’t paint over tile silicone, so choose a clear product or one that matches or complements your chosen tiles.

Using Ardex ST Silicone will ensure that your tiles are sealed and protected for maximum durability. This unique formula is easy application, and boasts superior adhesion, as well as containing anti-fungal properties to stop the growth of mould.

This quality product can be used on walls with joints up to 30mm in width, or floors with joints up to 15mm.

Perfect for a whole range of surfaces including enamel, concrete, glass and porcelain, it can even be used on natural stone products that are susceptible to moisture and staining, for example, marble, granite and limestone.

Versatile in its application, it can be used inside or outside on walls or floors and is suitable for use in swimming pools.

With eight colours to choose from, you are bound to find a shade to match your project.

To find out more about this essential part of your tiling project, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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