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Tile and Paving Grouts and Boosters from Ardex and Mapei

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About Grout and Grout Boosters

Grouts and grout boosters are an essential part of your home makeover project. A quality tile grout will fill the joints between your beautiful new tiles, providing a finished appearance, preventing dirt from getting under them and strengthening their installation.

Grout boosters are designed to provide resistance to water and stains, and enhance your grout’s strength, durability and flexibility.

Make Ardex WJ50 Sanded Grout your choice for an easy application, quality grout in a range of six colours. This grout is perfect for joint widths measuring from 2mm to 50mm, and can be used on most slate, ceramic, terrazzo and quarry tiles, as well as natural stones (except for those that are sensitive to moisture).

With a range of 10 colours, Mapei Keracolor FF Grout is an easy to apply grout for joints up to 6mm, and is suitable for a wide range of ceramic tiles, as well as terracotta, stone, glass and marble mosaics. Mix with Fugolastic for extra strength.

Mapei Ultracolor Plus Grout boasts superior waterproof and anti-mould properties, as well as being anti-efflorescence (resists salt deposits). This heavy-duty grout makes it the ideal choice for high footfall areas such as supermarkets, restaurants and airports.

Ardex FG8 Grout is the grout of choice for tile joints between 1 and 8mm in width, and for a variety of surfaces. Available in a stunning range of 19 colours, it is simple to use and is also water and mould resistant.

When using grout, boost its performance by reaching for Ardex Grout Booster. Formulated with cement-based grouts in mind, it enhances strength and flexibility, while deflecting water and abrasions.

Contact us for the low-down on our complete range of grouts and grout boosters to put the finishing touches to your tiling project.

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