Waterproofing for Wall, Floor and Pool from Ardex and Mapei

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About Waterproofing

Tile waterproofing is a vital last step in the tiling process. Using a quality waterproofing product will prevent water seepage, which in turn can eliminate a whole host of issues.

Horizontal surfaces in a shower, for example, a floor and any half walls or recesses, are particularly susceptible to moisture leaks. Without a suitable tile waterproofing treatment, you will find that your tiles will swell and crack, and there may be underlying structural damage will be a costly headache to put right.

Waterproofing is especially important for structures made from concrete, which is a highly porous material. So, if your bathroom floor or the foundations of your garden terrace are made from concrete, you will need a reliable waterproofing agent to prepare it for tiling and a long life ahead.

At Armstone, we stock Mapei Mapelastic Smart, a quality waterproofing product specially designed for use on concrete, no matter whether the overlying tiles will only occasionally be exposed to water, or completely submerged, for example in swimming pools.

Mapei Mapelastic Smart is applied to cement-based screeds, renders and floors before tiles are fixed. It has a variety of uses and is suitable in bathrooms and showers, balconies, terraces and swimming pools.

Easily applied with a roller or a brush, it creates a flexible and protective layer, ensuring the durability of your tiles.

Tiling can take place five days after application, when you can rest assured that your beautiful, carefully chosen tiles will be laid on the firmest of foundations.

Contact us at Armstone for help, guidance and advice on tile waterproofing and how to prepare your concrete surface for tiling.

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